To create the perfect match between qualified students and quality internship positions. We accomplish this by consolidating a worldwide, online database of available internships and student resumes. We then allow employers and students the opportunity to purchase our “Perfect Match” app to deliver the “best fit” candidates.


David Bole, Owner

“Having participated in internships during my undergraduate and graduate studies, I believe in the value of internships for both the student and employer. The experience I gained as an intern was invaluable in my career and personal development. The employers also benefited significantly from my contributions.

 I believe in the internet as well–especially as a superior publishing platform for directories. The internet allows me to publish an easier-to-use, more-up-to-date product; and, at a lower cost than with other mediums. The end result is more value for you–the customer! Imagine what it would cost to purchase a printed worldwide internship directory, more than 5 inches thick, where the content is out of date the second its printed. What a great world we live in today.

It is my goal to build this site into a service that benefits thousands of students and employers every year.